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Cold wallet, Cryptojacking, DEX

Cryptotrade Glossary

CryptoTrade Glossary 
Cold Wallet

A type of wallet that stores cryptocurrencies without an Internet connection. So they are the safest way to store cryptocurrencies. Hardware wallets and paper wallets are the most popular cold wallets. Of course, to send and receive crypto, you must connect this type of wallet to the Internet.


It refers to a type of attack where the victim’s computer, or other hardware, is turned into a cryptocurrency mining device without their knowledge. Cryptojacking can be carried out remotely through malware or by someone with direct access.

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

A financial services platform for buying, trading, and selling digital assets. On a DEX, users transact directly and peer-to-peer on the blockchain without a centralized intermediary. DEXs tend to be cheaper than their centralized counterparts.

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2 thoughts on “Cold wallet, Cryptojacking, DEX


    I can’t see your pi wallet so where do I send the test pi to

    1. Admin Ji Admin Ji says:

      The Pi transactions have not been finilized yet. Pi will be priced at the end of 2021. Now you can test the Pi payment gateway by paying test pi.

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