PNM CryptoTrade Glossary

Dapp, Date of Launch, Dead Coin

CryptoTrade Glossary

CryptoTrade Glossary
Decentralized Application (Dapp)

It is a type of application that runs on a blockchain or peer to peer (P2P) network instead of a single computer and does not have a centralized unit.

Date of Launch

A term that refers to the specified time to start selling ICO tokens. Like the time of the initial public offering of a stock on a stock exchange. ICO is a type of capital-raising activity in the cryptocurrency and blockchain environment.

Dead Coin

Dead coins are cryptocurrencies that have been abandoned by defunct projects. Several criteria are used to designate dead coins: inactive webpages, lack of development updates, lack of active nodes, and less than $1,000 USD trading volume over three months.

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