Global Trustworthiness Rating (GTR)

To cope with what we believe in as a “Free Market and also in line with the Pi Network principle of “Trust”, PNM will formulate a global trustworthiness system in which every pioneer voice is heard and implemented into the RST ranks.

What is RST?

GTR consists of the following levels:

3) Reliable              2) Staunch              1) True Blue

Sellers, traders and everyone who wanted to engage in sales activities on PNM platforms, based on the upvotes and downvotes that individual pioneers give them will fall into one of the above categories.
Upvotes add to GTR of a pioneer, while Downvotes deduct from it.

Status of pioneers’ trustworthiness remains floating and transitive. Depending on the individual performances and the quality of the services they provide, their ranks will be either of the “R, S or T” at times.


Category of “Reliable consists of 1000 but starts from 100 upvotes. The higher the number of upvotes a pioneer accumulates. the more “Reliable” they become.

At this level:


Pioneers can care for each other. Each pioneer can give away maximum 10 of their “C” points. The limit of “C” points that can be given to an individual is 5 at most. That being said. every pioneer has 10 “C” points by default.

Note: A pioneer can only give 1 downvote to a trader. That will deduct 1 “C” point (or 1 upvote) from the trader’s total upvotes.


If a pioneer contributed in a PNM certified charitable activities, for every 5 Pi donated they will receive one “D” points. There is no limit for the accumulation of “D’ points. There is no downvote or deduction in this category.


All Pioneers can lease and run E-stores on PNM platforms. Under this category a pioneer can earn up to 5 “E” points for every operational (short term) e-store. By canceling the e-stores all credited “E.’ points will be removed.


By providing record of a successful and healthy transaction, once the seller fulfilled their contractual obligations: depending on the volume of the transaction. they can receive up to 10 “F” points for that specific transaction. There is no limit for the accumulation of “F” points. Legitimate complaints, corroborated by evidence, should the seller misled. misinformed or tried to deceive the buyer, beside removing the granted points, there will be a penalty of up to “5F” points.


When and if a pioneer got KYCed and provided a proof of that they become eligible for 1 “G” point. Providing verifiable physical address, telephone number. email as well as website would add 1 “G” point each.

Every “C” point equals 1 upvote. Every “D” point equals 5 upvotes. Every “E” point equals 10 upvotes. Every “F” point equals 15 upvotes. Every “G” point equals 20 upvotes.


A pioneer or a business entity falls into the category of Staunch when their total upvotes has reached to 1000; the max points in this level is 10.000. The higher the upvotes go the more -Staunch” the member will become.

At this level:


When and if a pioneer legally established their business entity and provided a verifiable License Registration. also by acquiring E-stores (long term) as well as securing large scale contracts. they earn “B” points.

Every “B” point equals 200 upvotes.

True Blue

The most trusted and prestigious level in PNM. Internationally recognized brands, reputable business entities or well-known individuals who have earned high levels of trustworthiness fall in this category. Total upvotes shall be between 10.000 and 100.000 upvotes and more. The higher the upvotes the more “True Blue” the member will become.

At this level:


The “A” point will only be granted to members by the PNM CEO.

Upon a confirmation by the PNM legal department, if a member was eligible. an “A” point will be added to their profile, visible to all pioneers.

Also if a sizable investment was deposited into PNM, the CEO has the authority to grant -A” points to that member. The size of the investment shall not be less than 100.000 Pi or equivalents in other currencies.

Every “A” point equals 10,000 upvotes.

Disclaimer on GTR

The quality and quantity of the above points will be categorically and publicly shown in the members* profiles.

Points and upvotes are calculated on a weekly basis and added to the earning points section of a member’s profile.

While we strive to be as accurate as possible, PNM may change. adjust. deduct from or add to the points and upvotes of an individual at its entire discretion.

By participating in sales and purchase activities on any of the PNM platforms. the members agree to the general rules and regulations of Pi Network and PiNetworkMarket as well as PNM general disclaimer and the terms and conditions set forth in this document.

GTR is a tool which solely aimed to help PNM members and users measure the level of trust when engaging in peer to peer transactions with other members. Under any circumstances. PNM shall neither be held responsible for the usage of the GTR system nor shall PNM be held accountable for any peer to peer transactions that were made based on the GTR directly.

It is absolutely necessary that members or users do their own research (due diligence) and verify terms and conditions of the transactions themselves. Validity of the RST ranks can always be verified by contacting PNM support.

For further information, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

PiNetworkMarket May, 2020