Hope Event

Hope Event

Dear PNM Members

Helping others will always be a part of PiNetworkMarket philanthropic activities and we are proud to have that into our organization.

On the occasion of “Eradication of Poverty Day”, PiNetworkMarket is holding ”Hope Event”.

We are donating 300Pi to the “PNM Account” to be used for the sole purpose of helping those who need it the most. With this 300Pi we will buy some essential daily supplies and then will send them to known charity institutes.

If you are holding an IAT enabled account and are willing to participate in this humanitarian activity too, join us now in donating some Pi and we will do the same on your behalf.

Please Note:

  • Donations in each country will be gathered and preferably used for the same country’s needful. But if we could not do that in a country (due to unforeseeable problems or reasons beyond our control) we will use the fund in another countries, where we know reliable charity foundations.
  • We will make sure that the supplies reach the needy. The process is all transparent and we will mention the names of contributors and the amounts of donations (unless we are asked not to do so).
  • We will try to take photos, videos as well as receipts when handing over the supplies.
  • As you know and have probably read on PNM Policies, we have a GTR System and all pioneers will eventually have a level of reliability in that system. Pioneers will earn “Reliability” points by making donations. The amount and number of points and further details of the GTR will be advised when donations are made.
  • Your donations should reach the below Pi account latest by the next week (Until October 24): “farhad”

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