According to the announcement issued by the Pi core team, the first session of the Pi convention will be held tomorrow.

This convention is to be held in the form of 5 sessions over two weeks, which will reduce the information overloading and also provide better access to the content provided by the whole community in the world.

The core team has received many videos from Pioneers. The best videos in terms of quality and content have been selected for presentation. According to the subject on the appropriate dates which stated below, the videos will be broadcast to the attendees at the Convention.

  • On October 15, a lecture session will be held on the topic of node updates and future plans.
  • On October 19, the pi panel discussion on society and government will be held.
  • On October 22, a lecture session will be held on the topic of the pi Apps platform and third-party developer demos.
  • On October 26, the pi panel will be held on the future of pie currency extraction.
  • On the last day of the convention, October 29, the pi panel discussion on industry will be held.

The core team has stated that the topics covered by the speakers are their personal ideas and opinions and will have nothing to do with the core team, and official news will be provided by the core team speakers who will be labeled in the video for better identification.

The international team of PiNetworkMarket invites you to participate in this great convention. This convention is unique in the world of cryptocurrency.  The enthusiastic presence of the Pioneers and their comments will definitely help the further development of the Pi community.

The goal we all pursue is to build a large, unrestricted society using pi cryptocurrency. If you would like to learn more and see and hear Pioneer comments from around the world about pi, join us and participate in the pi convention.

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2 thoughts on “Pi COiNVENTION 2020

  1. Aurion says:

    See you at the convention on October 22nd!

    1. Amin Ji Amin Ji says:

      We believe in you Aurion 🙂

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