PiNetworkMarket Meeting

PNM Meeting

On Saturday, October 31, another meeting was held between the staff, managers and the CEO of PiNetworkMarket (PNM).

In this meeting, the latest developments, the position of staffs, the future prospects of PNM were discussed, and also the managers of the departments presented the report of the departments activities. The important issues raised in the meeting are as follows:

  • Department reports: Managers’ report on October activities and outline plans for next months explained how the departments operate.

  • PNM activity in social media: The CEO explained about the activities of Social Media and asked the relevant department to work on providing more and more. It was also emphasized that social media must be alive in order to be successful.
  • Company structure and staff position: In this part of the meeting, the current and future position of the staff in PNM were discussed. Currently, the staff of the PNM team are working on a voluntary basis, and staff contract will be signed with them (depending on how they work and their position) in order to continue cooperating in the third phase of the PNM. Regarding the position of the staff, the CEO pointed out that the possibility of progress and a better position has always been and will be in PNM. PNM CEO added that the company’s shares will not be sold outside of PNM, and in the future part of the company’s shares will be sold to one hundred of the company’s initial staff. There was also general talk about the Trustees.
  • Progress in PNM application preparation: PNM is trying to prepare and present its application. Designs, colors, fonts and other details are all designed and the PNM application will be one of the best applications available. An attempt has been made to design a user-friendly application.
  • Company development: PNM will not be just a marketplace, but something beyond that and will have many affiliates. Some of these are planned and under review. One of the most important affiliate which we will be developing, is PNM Exchange. Along with completing PNM marketplace, we are making the necessary arrangements for the exchange to operate in phase 3 of PiNetwork. At the right time, we will provide you with more information. Stay with us.

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