PiNetworkMarket Meeting

PiNetworkMarket Meeting

On Wednesday, September 30, a meeting was held between the moderators and managers and the CEO of PiNetworkMarket(PNM).

In this meeting, all of departments managers presented their progress reports and goals, as well as the future plans of each department were determined.

At the last meeting, the following issues were reported and discussed:

  • Report of department managers.
  • The status of the PNM website that you are currently viewing in beta version, has been reviewed.
  • Forecast and estimation on PNM App
  • Granting the first 100 stores to sellers for free, as a token of appreciation.
  • Identification of continental supervisors on commercial department.
  • The plan to penetrate of PNM into social media.
  • CEO talks about future plans.
  • Recruiting staff for various positions of PNM organization.

These meetings will be held regularly according to the predetermined schedule.

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2 thoughts on “PiNetworkMarket Meeting

  1. wealthysly wealthysly says:

    Great! Best of wishes of progress!
    To success!

    Suggestion : Please update digital services as well to the vendors’ enrollment, so that bloggers, affiliate marketer, web developers and other similar entrepreneurs could partake in the vendors’ community.
    I tried to register as a vendor but couldn’t find the criteria that matches my business/website. Don’t let PNM to be limited to only brands, gadgets and material store alone, but let it comprise of other personnels such as bloggers, web-developers, video editors, etc..

    My websites are:

    1. Sistalleno Sistalleno says:

      Hello you can register as a vendor on the site, then advertise your services. The stores provide the pioneers with both products and services. Best.

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