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350.0000 π
This handmade artwork using the acrylic on canvas technique is framed with a double wooden frame. It represents a homogeneous expression of good energy and colors. It is perfect for rooms with modern design and people with great ideas.

Highschool/college writing services

5.0000 π
Services of writing essays,articles,thesis defenses,book reports etc.

PR services/social media publications

2.0000 π
Services of creating vafious written ads,or other kinds of publications on social media regarding your product and/or company

QST Top Tier Transformational Coaching

100.0000 π
Rewire your brain in a safe and natural way, to feel, think, or behave the way you want. Utilizing the most advanced methods available in the world, backed by the latest discoveries of neuroscience.

WhatsApp chat Analysis

14.9900 π
Get to know the best time to share messages, the most active members, the most engaging type of messages, and even the sentiments shared on the group (positive, negative, joy, suprise, anger) with beautiful visualizations.

Window to High

400.0000 π
This handmade artwork is framed with a double wooden frame. It is made using the acrylic on canvas technique.

شاهانامه فردوسی

3.1000 π
کلیات شمس تبریزی اثر مولانا جلال الدین محمد بلخی رومی

قصص الا انبیا

0.9000 π
داستان های انبیا و پیامبران

گذیده از اشعار شاه نامه فردوسی

2.1200 π
در سر تا سر افغانستان فرستاده میشود بدون اخذ کار مزد

مجموعه غزلیات حافظ فال فشرده

1.9800 π
مجموعه از غزلیات حافظ با پوش محافظ ظریف و زیبا به سراسر افغانستان از طریق پوست


3.0000 π
制作流程: 1.选好模板(1-5) 2.准备好13张照片(建议照片像素大于500k以上) 3.照片发送到邮箱[email protected] (发送文件:姓名+模板编号+制作数量) 4.个性定制物品,制作周期是5-7天左右!