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Eggshell Art

19.5000 π
Hand-carved ostrich eggshell carved with passion and patience to satisfy your craving for special gifts to fill your collections.

Handcrafted Coin Purse

0.4000 π
Handcrafted coin purse from empty sachet of 3-in-1 coffee. Delicately crafted from garbage item to a useful everyday fashion accessories.

Parachord Bracelet

0.7200 π
Hand-crafted elegantly produce for everyday fashion.


3.0000 π
制作流程: 1.选好模板(1-5) 2.准备好13张照片(建议照片像素大于500k以上) 3.照片发送到邮箱[email protected] (发送文件:姓名+模板编号+制作数量) 4.个性定制物品,制作周期是5-7天左右!