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3D printing service 50um per gram

2.3000 π
1 gram of print is 2.5 pi, how mutch grams that mutch u need put product in cart send stl to my email: [email protected] i will calculate how mutch gram weight your object

AirKeybo™ – laser remote keyboard

40.0000 π
Remote Laser Keyboard for your PC and Smartphone

Bluetooth headset 5.0 Pro wireless ear hanging digital display

15.8800 π
1. Bluetooth version: support Bluetooth V5.0 + EDR specification. Built in A2DP function. 2. Bluetooth protocol: A2DP v1.2, AVRCP v1.4,

Cross border popular TWS Bluetooth headset 5.0

8.8800 π
Power display, voice control, call function, music support, multi-point connection

Data Analysis

9.9900 π
A detailed analysis of your data using R. Data cleaning, descriptive statistics, exploratory analysis, and data visualization would be carried out on your data.

E300 sports ipx7 waterproof Bluetooth headset

10.0000 π
Call function, voice control, music support

Hanle multi-functional electric cooker 4.5L+ pancake maker

39.9900 π
360° 立体加热刺激营养美味味道 断电后,所有水都可以洗净 煎饼机球面设计非棒材料均匀加热

Hanle multi-functional electric cooker 4.5L+ pancake maker (Copy)

54.9900 π
360° 立体加热刺激营养美味味道 断电后,所有水都可以洗净 煎饼机球面设计非棒材料均匀加热


By using holographic scalar coding (HSC) under special conditions we succeeded in programing the card in such way that it ensures your protection.

Kese za usisivac – vacuum cleaner bags

10.0000 π

E-203 vacuum cleaner bags especially good for animals owners. Useful for many brands,like Electrolux, AEG,PHILIPS