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Data Analysis

12.0000 π 9.9900 π
A detailed analysis of your data using R. Data cleaning, descriptive statistics, exploratory analysis, and data visualization would be carried out on your data.

Logo design

10.0000 π
Order logo for your bussiness

Omens Display – Digital Signage Solution

100.0000 π
Digital Signage solution - make and show presentations simple way

Poster design

1.0000 π 0.1000 π
  1. 专业海报设计,LOGO设计

Twitter Analysis

12.0000 π 9.9900 π
We gather near real-time data to get rich insights about pubic profiles, topics, mentions hashtags, followers, location and more!

پنل خرشیدی ۱۵۰ امپیر

200.0000 π 150.0000 π
پنل خرشیدی محصول انرژی سبز