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BIZسبوس برنج دکتر

6.7500 π
B انتخابی سالم باخواصی از انتی اکسیدانی قوی ،غنی ازفیبرو الیاف گیاهی ، خاصیت ضد چروکیدگی پوست و لاغر کنندگی سریع به همراه خانواده ویتامین

BIZعسل طبیعی دکتر

8.7500 π
با ساکورز زیر 5 درصد مناسب برای افراد دیابتی

Gillette Fusion Power – 4Stuk

18.0000 π
Enjoy the comfort of 5 anti-friction blades with Flexible Comfort Guard every day: 15 micro-ridges gently smooth the skin for

Guangdong Westing head pillow

29.9900 π
  1. 品牌名称:广东西宁
灌装材料:天然乳胶 枕头重量:0.3KG 枕头尺寸: 30*20*9

Gynecological gel

120.0000 π
Gynecological gel:each box of 12(3boxes of treatment )for extemal use no medicine there is prevention. conditioning gynecological inflammation removal of uterine garbage and long-term use will also play the effect of beauty and beauty

Handicraft bag

15.0000 π
Bag made by palm tree leaves. It is handmaded


17.9900 π 16.9900 π
6000 FCC units per tablet Improves the digestion of milk sugar in lactose intolerance Works continuously in the stomach and intestines for a longer period of time With immediate effect

Oral B

60.0000 π 55.0000 π
Oral-B PRO 2 2800 Electric Toothbrush Powered By Braun + -Expert Toothpaste

Qui Clean

7.9900 π 6.9900 π
Disinfectant Hand Gel 70% alcohol - 250ml

seabuckthom oil

660.0000 π 198.0000 π
seabuckthom oil oral is 100%pure oil the prevention of various diseases conditioning enhance immunity dredge blood anti-radiation and so on


7.9900 π 6.9900 π
Sensodyne Toothpaste

Water purifier

100.0000 π
No electricity, no waste water


1,548.1400 π 1,238.5100 π
周期:一年。 套餐内容: *所有家庭成员进行完整营养基因检测(45项); *针对每位家庭成员,注册营养师结合营养基因检测及个性化数据(布局结构,健康状况等)制定个性化营养干预方案; *注册营养师进行为期一年的家庭健康管理服务,帮助全家人改掉不合理的替代结构和生活方式。