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Guangdong Westing head pillow

54.9900 π
品牌名称:广东西宁 灌装材料:天然乳胶 枕头重量:0.3KG 枕头尺寸: 30*20*9

Water purifier

100.0000 π
No electricity, no waste water


7.8800 π
医用冷敷贴规格:5片/盒,30ml /片,每ml含20μg干细胞上清液。


14.9000 π


3.0000 π
制作流程: 1.选好模板(1-5) 2.准备好13张照片(建议照片像素大于500k以上) 3.照片发送到邮箱[email protected] (发送文件:姓名+模板编号+制作数量) 4.个性定制物品,制作周期是5-7天左右!


21.4300 π
医用液体敷料修护型规格:6支/盒,5ml /支,每ml含20μg干细胞上清液。

蓝月亮洗衣液10袋/500克(Blue moon laundry liquid 10 bags / 500g)

2.0000 π
该洗衣液产品具有深层洁净,快速有效去除污渍;高浓度液态配方,用量更省更高效;低粘速溶,低泡易漂;中性配方,温和安全,护衣护色不伤手;自然芬芳;不含磷、铝,安全环保等特点。 每款洗衣液的专门用途不同,可根据个人清洗习惯和衣物种类选择,具体如下: 1)深层洁净洗衣液:适用于所有颜色衣物,深层洁净,高效洗涤; 2)亮白增艳洗衣液:机洗推荐,含突破性高效洁净粒子,去污力更强,添加色彩调理技术,使白衣更洁白,彩衣更鲜艳; 3)手洗专用洗衣液:针对手洗人群设计,手洗配方,易漂洗、温和无残留,泵头设计,取液方便,计量精准; 4)全效洗衣液:洁净、柔顺、除菌,全效合一; 5)宝宝专用洗衣液:专为0-3岁宝宝设计,有效去除奶渍、口水渍、尿渍、大便渍等宝宝0-3岁阶段特有且出现频率高的污渍。(The product has the characteristics of deep cleaning, fast and effective removal of stains; high concentration liquid formula, less consumption and more efficient; low viscosity and instant solution, low foam and easy bleaching; neutral formula, mild and safe, protecting clothing and color, not hurting hands; natural fragrance; no phosphorus, aluminum, safety and environmental protection.The special purpose of each type of detergent is different, which can be selected according to personal cleaning habits and clothing types. The details are as follows:1) Deep clean laundry liquid: suitable for all colors of clothing, deep clean, efficient washing;2) Bright White Brightening laundry liquid: recommended by machine wash, containing breakthrough high-efficiency clean particles, stronger decontamination power, adding color conditioning technology to make white clothes whiter and colorful clothes brighter;3) Hand washing special detergent: designed for hand washing crowd, hand washing formula, easy to rinse, mild, no residue, pump head design, easy to take liquid, accurate measurement;4) Full effect laundry liquid: clean, smooth, sterilization, full effect in one;5) Baby special detergent: specially designed for 0-3 years old baby, it can effectively remove milk stains, saliva stains, urine stains, stool stains and other special stains with high frequency at the age of 0-3 years old.)