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Hyundai Coupe I 1.6i

1,200.0000 π

The car is in excellent condition. It is in running order. The five-speed manual transmission shifts very smoothly making for easy driving. Manual air conditioning works perfectly. All of the electrical components are in working order as they should be. Xenon lights are installed. The car has built-in Autogas LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). A certificate is required for this. Everything is in good condition except the battery. I bought a new car so this Hiunday has been standing in place for two years. The car is not registered.

motorcycle 125cc

750.0000 π 350.0000 π
موتور سیکلت کویر 125 سی سی

Parking heater

69.9900 π
头等舱冲击命中 省油的环保 30,000h无刷电机寿命,全地形战斗机,适合各种环境,各种型号。电可以。 戴米奥安静省油王,绰号干不坏

Transport robe i selidbe

25.0000 π
Usluzni prevoz robe i selidbe u zemlji i inostranstvu. Za grad Novi Sad cena prevoza 25pi. Ostale destinacije dogovor. Cena radnika ,dogovor.

تاکسی اینترنتی

0.0150 π 0.0100 π
جابجای مسافران محترم در سطح شهر تهران


8.0000 π