A Global Economy

PiNetworkMarket seeks to serve as a trading platform for pioneers in all countries across the globe, aiming in building Pi’s economy.

Equality through Decentralization

We aim to assist the wider Pi Network community in realizing its philanthropic goal of enabling the everyday person and those in rural communities to have full control and access to their finances.

Fueling the Pi economy

Specifying the franchises in all Pi Network transactions, ensuring a steady flow within the pi based economy.

Upholding Pi’s Reputation

Though commercially oriented, PiNetworkMarket aims to keep Pi’s reputation as high as possible.

Pi, the No. 1 Currency
PNM Exchange in Mainnet

Exchangeable for all crypto and fiat currencies, PiNetworkMarket seeks to give its users the ability to exchange Pi on Exchange platform. Initially, Pi will only be exchangeable for Bitcoin and USD. Eventually, all accredited major crypto and fiat currencies will be added to the platform.


Pi Wallet

Giving users the freedom to transfer Pi between their Pi Network and PiNetworkMarket accounts with no additional fees.


All users may participate in auctions, which are facilitated by the PiNetworkMarket community, by bidding their Pi.

Pi based Trades

P2P Sales, P2P merchants, Natural or legal persons can earn revenue by providing “Pi Currency Payment”, selling goods and offering services. A small percentage of the transaction fee is applicable, whilst professional services and support from the PiNetworkMarket are rendered free of charge.